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Sunday Thoughts about Mondays

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Let’s be honest, Saturday is the only rest day on the weekend. Part of Sunday is spent wallowing over Monday morning. I wanted to share some of my Sunday thoughts about Mondays with you.

Here we go!

1. Do I HAVE to go to work?

2. Did I charge my Zune?

3. I hope ________________ called out sick.

4. Maybe the phones/system go out.

5. Lemme pray that the power goes out.

6. Perhaps I’ll get called for an interview today.

7. I should call out today.

8. If work offers a 4 day/10 hour schedule, Monday is my rest day.

9. Why does Monday exist?

10. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday should join forces and remove Monday from the calendar.


Do you have Sunday Thoughts about Mondays? Share in the comments!


Where Credit Is Due

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If I were asked if I preferred working with others or working alone, I would definitely say that I prefer to work alone.

In the past, every time I’ve had to work with people, there was always the chance that at least one person wouldn’t pull their weight. That would leave me having to do my work plus the work of the slacker(s).

If praises are given for a job well done, everyone takes credit. Wrong, wrong, and wrong! I have no problem snitching on the slackers. What you won’t do is take credit for something that you contributed nothing to.

However, if the group’s ridiculed for their efforts, the slacker(s) says nothing. Of course they aren’t going to take responsibility for how awful the project was because they didn’t contribute to it.

Working alone leaves me responsible for one person. If things don’t get done on schedule, I have nobody to be pissed at but myself. Most importantly, nobody can take credit for a job they contributed nothing to.

The “Come to Jesus” Meeting

Sometimes a “Come to Jesus” meeting is needed.

Definition: A conversation in which the sender delivers a series of messages to the receiver(s) with a candor that cannot be misunderstood.

Example: My best friend had a “Come to Jesus” meeting with an employee who didn’t know why Americans wouldn’t live in North Korea.

Thankful: New Management #XD31

What makes a happy vs. sad, disengaged worker

What makes a happy vs. sad, disengaged worker (Photo credit: citrixonline)

I recently started a new job. After working in a strict environment for so long, it’s taking a while to get used to having the restraints removed, so to speak.  Chillaxed (chill + relaxed) would be the word I would use to describe my current job. No more high blood pressure, irritation, stress, etc. Mellow.

Life has a way of blessing you with the unexpected, whether it is good or bad. Thank you to the Universe and Sweet Baby Jesus for being on the lookout.