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In Transition


NaBloPoMo October 2013

Official badge for NaBloPoMo October 2013.

Official badge for NaBloPoMo October 2013.

Fall is the theme for NaBloPoMo October 2013. Fall for me is an opportunity for change and reflection. This month I want to reflect on the year thus far to see where adjustments can be made and celebrate my accomplishments. Using the writing prompts as a guide, I want to continue to create a better version of myself.

Will you join me?

Fall Into a Fresh Start

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Fall is my favorite season. The horrendous summer heat wanes off. Sweaters and boots come out of storage. Leaves change color and fall from trees.

As you observe Mother Nature’s transition,  consider the changed that you want to make. Fall is a perfect time for fresh starts.

With the new season approaching, what fresh starts would you like to make?

Seasonal Change Brings Personal Upgrade

Fall is almost here! Of course, Summer will always be my favorite, but Fall is when I do the majority of my personal upgrades. The weather change seems to motivate me. Besides, the summer heat this year was like a daily field trip to Hell. All I wanted to do was exist…in the soothing coolness of air conditioning.

Here are a few things I’m trying to upgrade during the cooler months:

Changing my clothing style

I’ve lost a bit of weight and a LOT of inches (go me, go me!). While I’m in love with my slimmer self, I’m in utter despair over my clothing. Like I hate just about 80% of what’s in my dresser and closet. If it isn’t too big, it fits me like a tent, or I feel like I “aged out” of it. Not cute at all. I need to do some experimentation. Introduce some sexy to my wardrobe. Invest in slimmer pants/jeans, feminine blouses, bright colors, and heels. Yes, heels. Writing that took my break away.

Working out

Majority of my weight loss is attributed to diet. Soda is a distant memory. Fast food and I are no longer in a hot love affair and I want it to stay that way. Currently, working out consists of 15-30 minute yoga sessions. My back thanks me, but I need to move more. Slowly, I’m integrating cardio into the mix.  Cold weather is a great time to start walking.


I have a lot of recipes  on Pinterest that I want to try out. My crock pot is going to be doing a lot of work *insert evil laugh here*.


My apartment is so plain. I want so much more. I want my personality to be reflected. How can I translate random, inappropriate, and sexy into decor. Lots of work to do.

Have you been inspired to do some personal upgrades lately? I wanna know!

Cuffing (Pre) Season is Underway!

Fall and Winter are nipping at Summer’s heels and Single Island is buzzing with excitement.


It’s cuffing pre-season.


For those who are unfamiliar, cuffing season takes place during Fall and Winter. Those who are comfortably single during the warmer months may feel that the weather change puts a cramp in their style. As a result, many people who would usually be free agents find potential boo thangs to snuggle up with.

Like football, cuffing season has a pre-season. I’ve noticed that seasoned veterans are starting the selection process earlier this year. The pre-season allows time for one to check out potential boo thangs while they’re still enjoying the summer breeze. The major season goes by so quick and if one doesn’t plan properly, the ahead of the major season which goes so quick. It’s less pressure in the event that a potential doesn’t mesh, one has time to try again. Oh, and also like football, cuffing season typically ends when Spring is around the corner.

Keep in mind that not everyone participates in cuffing season nor do all cuffing reason relationships end once the flowers bloom. With that said, let the searching begin!!