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Help Yourself Help Yourself

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There’s a BIG difference between asking for help and asking someone to do it for you.

Feel free to re-read the previous statement before continuing.

I have no problem helping someone, provided they have made an effort to help themselves first. That is the key. However,  I understand that you can’t escape the inevitable. Situations may arise when you just can’t complete the task alone. In that moment, you have to reach out to get the task accomplished.

On the flip side, there are folks who don’t even bother. They take a detour on the Highway of Initiative and just ask you to do it for them. No shame in their game whatsoever. To make it even worse, 80% of the time, whatever they’re asking you to do for them they could accomplish themselves.

If people took the time to help themselves first, just think of how many resources/time could be redirected to those who really need help.

Sadly, in a world of instant gratification, that’s asking for too much.


Sorry (Not Sorry)


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On episode 8 of Season 3 of “Mary Mary”, Teddy informs his sister-in-law Erica that he doesn’t feel a need to hide out of shame because he had multiple affairs. Yes, multiple affairs.

My first thought upon watching that scene was that there isn’t enough prayer and/or scripture in the world to help me see past Teddy’s bullshit. I don’t think that Teddy is truly sorry for the affairs.

Watching him explain to Erica that he wanted to fight for his marriage had me rolling my eyes. There was no sincerity on his face whatsoever. I understand that some people don’t show emotions, but this ain’t the case.

What exactly is Teddy sorry for?

It damn sure isn’t those affairs. I don’t feel that he’s sorry for the multiple affairs he’s had. Case in point, if he was sorry about the affairs he was having, he wouldn’t have had multiple affairs.

It’s not the affairs that Teddy is sorry for. Teddy is sorry that he got caught. More specifically, he’s apologizing because his infidelities have become public knowledge.

An apology means absolutely nothing if it isn’t genuine. A lot of times, someone will apologize solely to save face. Make the other party feel that their apology is sincere when in reality, they don’t give a damn if their actions are hurtful.

What you hear doesn’t necessarily have the same meaning as the sender intended. You hear “I’m sorry for hurting you” when in actuality you’re hearing “I’m sorry for embarrassing you but not sorry for the specific things I did to hurt you.”

It takes two to care, remember?


Lesson Learned: Stepping Outside of the Box

When an answer cannot be found, remove yourself from the equation.

Learning to step outside of the box has to be one of the most important problem solving techniques I’ve ever learned. Removing myself from a situation/problem allows me to view things from all sides. By doing this, I have a stronger foundation for making a decision.

A very powerful lesson learned indeed.

Help Yourself

On my way home I was listening to “Help Yourself” by Amy Winehouse. There is a lyric in that song that keeps replaying in my mind.

I can’t help you if you won’t help yourself.

As a society, we tend to want so much while offering little to nothing in return. I don’t understand where this sense of entitlement comes from.

We create problems or get ourselves into situations and we expect someone to come down from the mountain and lend a hand.

What have you done to help yourself? Anything? You can’t possibly be upset when nobody extends a hand if you haven’t at least made an attempt.

Just a thought.

“Love” and F*ckery

People will put up with anything all in the name of “love”, including f*ckery.

I’m sure we know at least one person who, to avoid loneliness, will date/marry/etc less than stellar individuals. Don’t act like you’ve never noticed. I know I’ve had several “what the hell does he/she see in him/her” moments.

What makes these folks less than stellar? Oftentimes, it’s the ginormous elephant that’s in the room. The pieces of the puzzle that just don’t fit no matter how you try to justify it. While you scratch your head in doubt, that other person is doing one of the following: blinded by “love”, too stupid to see the obvious OR they probably see past the bull and just don’t want to be alone so they ignore it.

We all have our breaking point. When will you get to yours? Or have you already gotten there and refuse to cross the line?

Nothing good will come out of being with someone just to avoid being lonely. NOTHING! Loneliness and desperation can be smelled a mile away. Some folks feed off of that.

When you say to the Universe that you just want “somebody”, you will get “any and every thing”.

More than likely, this is why you have what you have now. The sharks are attracted to your emotional stench. It’s disgusting. Clean yourself up.

This “love” that you have is  pure f*ckery at its finest.

Learn the difference.

Driver Angst

Why do people come to a complete stop THEN make a right turn?!

Turning without signaling let’s me know you don’t give a damn about me rear ending you.

Refusing to move out of the way of an emergency vehicle with lights AND sirens on…there’s a special place for folks like you.

What makes you tick behind the wheel?