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Public Service Announcement: Salutations and Online Dating

Some men┬áhave either forgotten their manners or were never taught any. Addressing a woman you don’t know by anything other than “Miss”, “Ms.”, or “Ma’am” will get you verbally throat chopped.

Recently, someone left me a message on a dating site I’m subscribed to. Imagine my disgust when I read the following:

“Hey boo.”

My initial reaction was to go off on this moron. Once I calmed down, I realized that this guy has used this line on other women before and at least one of them thought it was cute. Gross.

If bad behaviors are acceptable by the majority, why correct them? While my fault likes in the man who sent me that mess, I also blame women for not correcting these dudes when they step out of line. If you think being called “boo” by a stranger is acceptable, what else will you accept?

Apparently a whole lot.


Dating Gold Teeth

For the record, I loathe gold teeth. The mere sight of one makes me cringe in disgust. Recently I ran across a dating profile that shook me to my core.

5’11″hgt 175-185lbs Medium built, light skin, light brown eyes, 1 gold, 8 tattoos, very outspoken, easy going, fun to be around, very romantic, very affectionate, open minded. I love to bowl, fishing, skating, traveling, ride my motorcycle, cook, and much more.

One gold tooth. As if ONE GOLD TOOTH is better than a mouthful. Gold teeth went out of style when New Jack City left movie theaters. In the city where I reside, gold teeth seem to be everywhere. Why? I have no idea. What I do know is that profile description turned me all the way off. Which is sad because he was cute.

Call me vain, but I have my deal breakers. Gold teeth happen to be one of them.

Headlines that make you go hmm…

This is what happens when one is bored to the point of stupidity. I happened to log onto a popular dating site and was intrigued by the headlines on the profiles on these guys. Adding a bit of commentary just spices up the stupidity.
Dont fall 4rm heaven without a caughter
I can’t stand bad grammar. Makes my eye twitch. Stop using text messaging shorthand as regular writing!
Common law girlfriend wanted – apply within
Who is going to take you seriously? Who has “Become common law girlfriend” on her list of goals?
ultra violet rays bad. lotion good.
*Blank stare and head scratch*
*Caucasian Is My Persuasion*
I don’t knock anyone’s preference. That’s all I’m going to say about that.
I’m still laughing. Are you?