Sunday Thoughts about Mondays

Image via Pinterest.

Let’s be honest, Saturday is the only rest day on the weekend. Part of Sunday is spent wallowing over Monday morning. I wanted to share some of my Sunday thoughts about Mondays with you.

Here we go!

1. Do I HAVE to go to work?

2. Did I charge my Zune?

3. I hope ________________ called out sick.

4. Maybe the phones/system go out.

5. Lemme pray that the power goes out.

6. Perhaps I’ll get called for an interview today.

7. I should call out today.

8. If work offers a 4 day/10 hour schedule, Monday is my rest day.

9. Why does Monday exist?

10. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday should join forces and remove Monday from the calendar.


Do you have Sunday Thoughts about Mondays? Share in the comments!


One comment

  1. Amber

    This is what I think about:
    1. I hope my chair still spins when I get there.
    2. Did I buy enough candy to get me through the day?
    3. I hope it’s not a difficult crossword day.


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