Reignited Passion

Image via Pinterest.

Blogging has reignited my passion for writing, specifically creative writing. Each writing challenge I’ve participated in (NaBloPoMo, #XD30, #Love: A Musical Retrospective, etc) has reaffirmed that my passion is indeed my calling.

I write with the goal to one day escape the monotony of cubicle life. To wake up at some abnormal time (anything before 10 is considered abnormal to me) to spent 8-10 hours padding someone else’s pockets is ridiculous. Especially when you have the skill set to be able to support yourself.

Entrepreneurship here I come!!



  1. Amber

    I wish I had the dedication to writing that you have. I make excuses. I’m working on it.

    Thanks for inspiring me!

    Your friend,


    • MsWalton

      Stella!!!!! Thanks for visiting! These daily writing challenges are rough. I think I’m going to go back to my regular blogging schedule next month. I am tired, lol!


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