#Love Is On A Break(up)

He wanted a break.

It was a rough conversation. There was no doubt that he didn’t love me. I knew he did. To see someone you love so much go through something and you can’t help them is extremely painful.

I begrudgingly agreed to the break, but it came with conditions.

Don’t want you to wait for me. Live your life. 


First he hits me with asking for a break and before I can digest that morsel, he adds another to my plate. So much to process. Worried, all I could think about was that breaks can easily lead to breakups. But this isn’t about me. This isn’t about me. This isn’t about me.

Life moved on. Communication between the two of us went from daily calls and/or text messages to barely once a week. I think I started dating around month 4 or so of the break(up). Took things slowly, but I enjoyed every minute of the journey. People have a way of knowing when you’re happy. That’s when they pop back up in your life.

He finds out that I’m happily dating. Hates it. Chastises me for wasting no time moving on with my life.

*record scratch*

Pardon me sir?

You wanted me to move on with my life right? That’s what I’m doing. You can’t tell me to live my life then get mad when I do it. 

Break(up)s tend to remind people of what they have. They don’t want to lose that. However, don’t pop up and expect them to stop their lives because you want them back.

Life moves on. I’m where I wanna be.


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