Everyone Isn’t Going to be Your Cup o’ Tea

The inspiration for this post is two-fold. First, a good friend of mine has a crush on this guy. Everyone  in our social circle got the memo with the exception of the guy in question. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. He could really be oblivious to how she feels about him (which I low key doubt) or he could be awkward when it comes to women (which is most likely the case).

Weeks of getting him to open up went by.  Progress would be made, but she couldn’t penetrate that wall he installed. At this point, she’s annoyed and on the cusp of being over it.  Honestly, I can’t blame her. At some point you get tired of putting forth all this effort for little to nothing in return.

Remember when I said that this post was two-fold? Here’s the second part.

While browsing through my YouTube subscriptions, I ran across the below video from Qaadir Howard. Everyone isn’t going to be your cup o’ tea, no matter how awesome your personality may be…and that’s perfectly fine.  Check out the video and leave a reply with your thoughts.


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