#XD30-Chapter 2-Oh Shit!

After a week of waiting, I got the results from my procedure.


Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus. I hugged Derek so tight I thought I was going to crack his ribs.

“See baby? I told you it was going to be okay.” He’s so optimistic it’s sickening.

I flashed a smile as I took a sip of my apple juice and whiskey. Derek winked and started typing on his laptop. Wearing a pair of black boxer briefs and a mohawk of black curls, he oozes sexy. If I wasn’t tired from a week of anxiety, I’d totally jump his bones. As I stared at him, his cell phone rang.


He looks at me, walks down the hallway to our bedroom, and closes the door. I figured it was work-related, so I start cleaning up. I picked up Derek’s favorite blazer and this box falls out.

Interesting. Do I open it? Should I open it? I could open it and play stupid later. Who am I fooling…I’m opening it.

With shaky hands, I open the box. Inside is a gorgeous chocolate diamond engagement ring. Just like the one I saw last year on vacation. Speechless, I close the box, put the box back in the pocket, and put the jacket back on where I found it.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!!

In 12 years, we’ve never discussed marriage. Never. The two of us have been comfortable with our relationship and don’t want to ruin a good thing. It’s just a piece of paper right?



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