#XD30 Summer Writing Challenge

“Summer Love” is the theme for the 2013 #XD30 Writing Challenge. From June 1 to June 30, participants are required to write a short story (or series of stories) consisting of at least 250 words daily.

Disclaimer: Participants are NOT allowed to pre-write their stories. Stories are to be written once you hunker down to write.

Please note that the theme is subject to the participant’s interpretation. You don’t have to write about the sunny side of love all month long. Let the warmth of the sun bless you with a wicked sense of creativity.

The title of the stories must be formatted as the following:

#XD30-Day (however you want to format the day)-Title of Your Chapter

An example: #XD30-Day 1-Love in Headphones

Participants may share their stories using the platform of their choice as long as they share using the hashtag #XD30 via Twitter.

This is going to be all kinds of fun!



  1. blogathonbash

    This looks kind of interesting. I love that it’s supposed to be freeform writing.
    Just stopping by to thank you for participating in the Blogathon next weekend. See you then!


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