Thank you: Richard, Redd, George, and Bernie #XD31

I grew up watching comedic great such as Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, George Carlin, and Bernie Mac. I love how sarcastically witty and hilariously offensive they were. They gave political correctness a the middle finger salute.

On the playground, I cracked “yo momma” jokes with the best of them. While everyone else was too busy trying to remain PC, I could give a rat’s ass less. My jokes sent kids to the school bus devastated.

As an adult, my slightly *coughs* offensive humor is heavy with sarcasm and wit. By society’s standards (who knew society had standards?), you shouldn’t laugh at 80% of what I say. Stifling laughter is bad for your soul. Throw PCness in the wind and laugh you big dummy *wink*.

As a lifetime fan, thank you Richard, Redd, George, and Bernie for teaching me to laugh without a care or concern.


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