Thank you: Online Shopping #XD31

I love shopping. The experience of shopping at an actual brick and motor store is fun. I enjoy the challenge of looking for items at the lowest possible price makes my inner cheapskate giddy.

Well, I used to enjoy shopping.

Over the years, I’ve become less tolerant of people and their lack of common sense and mannerisms. I can’t really point out a particular incident that contributed to this, but I’m over people. It’s not the employees that ruin my experience. It’s the other shoppers that make me want to extend my leg out to trip them when they invade my personal space. Or their children who step on my feet and don’t excuse themselves. The assholes that get into the check out line with a return even though there’s a separate line for returns. These folks get on my damn nerves!!

Praise the retail gods for online shopping. From the comforts of my home, I can point and click to my heart’s delight. Free shipping is my best friend, there are no lines, and most importantly, no people!! I can shop for the best deals in my underwear while saving money and maintaining my patience level.

Online shopping, this proud introvert thanks you. Salute!


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