Dating Gold Teeth

For the record, I loathe gold teeth. The mere sight of one makes me cringe in disgust. Recently I ran across a dating profile that shook me to my core.

5’11″hgt 175-185lbs Medium built, light skin, light brown eyes, 1 gold, 8 tattoos, very outspoken, easy going, fun to be around, very romantic, very affectionate, open minded. I love to bowl, fishing, skating, traveling, ride my motorcycle, cook, and much more.

One gold tooth. As if ONE GOLD TOOTH is better than a mouthful. Gold teeth went out of style when New Jack City left movie theaters. In the city where I reside, gold teeth seem to be everywhere. Why? I have no idea. What I do know is that profile description turned me all the way off. Which is sad because he was cute.

Call me vain, but I have my deal breakers. Gold teeth happen to be one of them.


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