Randomness: Texting

Of my many pet peeves, spelling is numero uno. I can’t STAND to see something spelled incorrectly. My eyes start twitching, my soul is disturbed, and I fight the urge to scratch it out and correct it. As an example, I present this mess to you:

“Wat u doin”

Translation: What are you doing?

Or this one:

“C u l8er”

Translation: See you later.

The above is a classic example of what I call grammar subtraction. We as a society have gotten so damn lazy with the English Language that we subtract letters from words. At some point, I wonder if people are going to forget the proper spelling of words because they’re so used to shortening them. Scary. I bet professors have gotten formal papers from students and at least ONE word was written in texting shorthand.

On that note, I’m going to give my Webster’s Dictionary a big hug. If I kep writing lik dis I’m goin to writ lik dis.


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