Sleep Deprived Thoughts

I haven’t had a good night’s rest in about 5 days. Usually, I’ll be sleep deprived for maybe a day or two, but not an entire week. I feel horrible times 100. What struck me as funny is that when I’m unable to sleep well, I have the absolute BEST thoughts and ideas. They sort of border on twisted revelations. Baffles me beyond understanding. I figured I would share a few of these with you.

–          Totally excited about the fall collections at Bath and Body Works and Glade.

–          I can clean my entire apartment in 45 minutes.

–          The dryer dries better if I don’t fill it up with clothes.

–          I love the Discovery ID channel.

–          Reality TV sucks.

–          Creativity strikes after 10 p.m.

–          I don’t like avocado.

–          This season of “Project Runway” doesn’t excite me.

–          I need a vacation.

–          The 2016 Olympics in Rio are going to be AWESOME!!

What does sleep deprivation do to you?

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