Reflection: Days 1-10 of #30In30

Participating in the #30In30 writing challenge has been a battle. I’ve made a promise to not online the Twitter universe that I would see this challenge through, but also myself. To break a promise to strangers is one thing, but to do that to myself is just wrong. I can’t be a failure to myself. Not cool.

So, to recap on 10 days of writing awesomeness, here are a few things #30In30 have taught me so far:

1. Inspiration has no schedule.

Ideas/thoughts come to me at the most random of times. The best ones come when I’m driving or just hanging out at home watching TV.

2. Sharing is good for the soul.

To share things that I don’t normally share with those closest to me is so refreshing. I literally feel like a huge burden is lifted off of me by just letting things out.

3. Stats aren’t everything.

Self explainatory.

4. Stream of consciousness writing is my friend.

If I’m struggling with finding topics, I will sit down with pen and paper and just write whatever comes to mind. While it may appear random, I usually find at least 3-4 possible topics. Score!

5. My writer’s voice isn’t for everyone.

In the past, I was too concerned about coming off as too aggressive. At this point, I could care less. I’m not going to be everyone’s favorite and that’s okay.


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