The #30in30 Challenge

Tonight I participated in a weekly Twitter chat with one of my favorite authors Aliya S. King (@aliyasking). She challenged her followers to a #30in30 writing challenge in which participants are challenged to write for 30 days straight. I was beyond excited about this post for several reasons.

1. Writer’s block had taken residence.

2. Laziness refused to work past the writer’s block.

3. I’d rather veg out on the sofa and sleep.

All three of these reasons are curses to a writer, amateur or professional. The #30in30 challenge is going to force me to work past the mental road blocks that prevent all of this awesomeness from being shared with the world. I’m hellbent on making the absolute most of these 30 days. I feel sorry for the pens and papers that will be sacrificed for the greater good.

A moment of silence for all the ballpoints and single rule paper out there.

Chat with you later.



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  2. Hobart Swan

    I hope I’m not breaking some fundamental rule of replying to blog posts by making a comment about mind mapping. Yes, it’s true that I do freelance writing for a company that makes mind mapping software, but I never mention their name. I post about mind mapping because I’ve been using it for about 15 years in all of my various writing. With that disclosure, I’m on to my comment…
    What really captured my attention was your mention of “single rule paper.” For some people (like me), looking down at a sheet of paper filled with lines kind of freezes my brain. It looks like a list that needs to be filled out… like a shopping list or to-do list. I can’t think creatively the same way I remind myself what to get at the store. I need a more creative, open-ended way to work. Enter (surprise) mind mapping. It’s not only liberating but fun to just start populating a mind mapmap with ideas. Usually, all it takes is just one idea to get me started, then I can just sort of start free associating, bulding my mind map the way a spider builds a web–naturally. That might sound kind of mystic, but it’s true. Mind mapping works a lot like the human brain does and is a great way to bulldoze those writer’s blocks off to the side of the road.


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